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Searching for the best Locksmith service in the Highland area? Well, you just got the right website. We provide ace Commercial Locksmith Highland park IL services in the city and around.

We give the best Commercial Locksmith solutions for

High-Security Locks – Lock Change – Rekey Locks

New to these words? Let’s make things easier for you.

High-security locks -For every commercial business or corporate office, high-security locks are a must. Reasons -can be many from mere data secrecy, channelization or lockers security. Locks and smart keys are today’s calling for every work field.

Our technicians by Northern Locksmith are the ones who take care of every single aspect with providing the best-fit security locks with high secrecy fundamental. Whatever the requirement favoring your security, we’ll plan and execute it with complete flair.

Locks and keys created by our Locksmiths are the best finds in the city. It assures the security for every door, locker or office space it has been put up to. Our high-security layers makes you the only master of your Locks.

Lock Switch – Even if your thinking for a lock change and worrying about your budget then don’t. We provide the finest lock changes you’ll ever know. Our past work experiences as a Commercial Locksmith Highland Park IL give us so many ideas related to easy change the locks without damaging your property. So we can claim we’ll get you the most affordable ones to use for.

Our technicians from Northern Locksmith will plan things up and find out the right fit suitable for the lock change. We know that as the owner, you wish to guarantee the safety of every lock you use. And the same we guarantee for you as well.

Rekey Lock – Unless you are the first occupant of the particular commercial place, you never know how many key alternatives are there for the same door or locker. Thus you will have to protect your office place and amenities with a proper rekey method.
And then comes the time to search and call for the best Locksmiths in the town who can get your job done. Don’t waste your time surfing thousands of Locksmiths websites, all you have to do is to give us a call right often.One of our executives will listen to your need and will act accordingly in the shortest time limit.

As we have many offices surrounding Highland Park IL, we assure to reach you out in the terse-most time possible.

Our Additional Locksmith Assistance includes…

Locksmith expert help – Though we claim to have the solutions for every Locksmith need, we also know that you don’t require our Locksmith team to reach out to you every now and then. But in some case, there can be a situation where you may need casting a professional help. It can be advice, supervision or anything.

Our technicians of Northern Locksmith help you out solving the scene by effective tips over refitting the locks etc. You need to go nowhere when you have us.

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That’s How We Started Our Journey!

We are a well established locksmith firm that’s known for providing prompt and accurate locking solutions for any type of commercial locksmith Foxfield emergency. We started our journey as a small locksmith firm dedicated to providing quality solutions and security to all the locksmith emergencies of nearby residents and offices. With the time we expanded our locksmith service portfolio and today we provide quick and reliable locksmith solutions across the town for all type of commercial locksmith emergencies. No matter how complex or simple your commercial locksmith emergency is, you can expect Foxfield Lock & Key experts to turn up at your location within less than 30 minutes of receiving your call out.

We Provide Safer Premises!

Foxfield Lock & Key is the name you can trust for the security of your commercial premises. We provide immediate solutions to all your locksmith emergencies that take place in your office premises. We also manufacture a wide range of locking mechanisms that you can install in your commercial premises to have a full proof security in your offices. You can choose from our exclusive range of locking security solutions such as mortise locks, padlocks, high security locks, dead bolts, access control systems, key less entry locks, cylindrical lever locks and more. All our locks come with a promise of safety and security to your premises. They are made with fine quality steel and smart mechanisms to ensure impenetrable security.